Invest and attain your goals

Invest and attain your goals


Citibank, your trusted banking partner, is dedicated to offering you investment solutions that meet your financial goals. Whether you’re planning for retirement, education or income security, we’ll help you find the right investment for your needs.

Your Citibank Relationship Manager will provide financial management advice to guide your investment in a range of investment options – from short term investment plans to long term bond offerings. Speak to us today and start investing in your financial future.

Risk disclosure: This is an investment product with investment risks. For specific risks and features, please refer to relative terms and conditions.

QDII - Structured Notes - Investments

QDII - Structured Notes

  • Offer you with opportunities in various markets and diversified underlying assets
  • Reduce investment risks as well as enhance potential return
QDII - Global Bond Series - Investment

QDII - Global Bond Series

  • Various offshore bonds offerings with multiple currencies selection.
  • Stable income and 100% principal back upon maturity.
  • Bond prices
QDII - Mutual Funds Investments

QDII - Mutual Funds

  • Wide array of direct, open-ended mutual funds under the QDII scheme
  • Largest number of offshore mutual funds offerings of any bank in China
  • NAV

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